What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining, one of the ways to get bitcoins, a method that was profitable in the past but now with

 a large number of bitcoin miners has become complicated as it requires a sophisticated and expensive bitcoin mining device to make a profit behind bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining is similar to finding gold in private mines where you search for bitcoin using the bitcoin mining program that is your account, but as technology has developed, things have gotten a little more complicated.

Bitcoin mining methods are the process of adding transactions to the public records of previous transactions. This is called a blockchain, a chain of blocks, of Bitcoin, which are resource intensive and difficult because of the number of blocks found daily by people mining Bitcoin, these Individual blocks must contain a working directory that is considered valid.

And we can call the process of bitcoin mining, it is the process of solving complex equations with the help of high-skill computers, and the best bitcoin mining sites need to be selected, and the best computers for mining, and the Miners are rewarded with bitcoins, the bitcoin network changes the difficulty of the math equations based on their speed of resolution.

Bitcoin mining with the help of huge and sophisticated computers to extract the bitcoin currency has a number of advantages and disadvantages

Bitcoin mining: advantages

Mining the digital currency bitcoin has seen a huge surge in recent years and is currently valued at around $ 40,000 per bitcoin

 Contribute to the collective protection of Bitcoin through the blockchain

Make money by mining, the more you mine, the more bitcoins you will get that you can exchange, keep, or convert to dollars or any other currency

Contribute to the decentralization of Bitcoin and not subject Bitcoin to governments

Bitcoin mining: cons

Electricity costs are high as Bitcoin mining requires a lot of energy and is, therefore, an important investment in mining

You must have the best bitcoin mining software and the best and fastest computers, all of which have important financial value to bitcoin miners.

Mining has become difficult because you need to have special skills to carry out the mining process, mining is not easy

There is a lot of competition in mining and there are a lot of people who are into mining

Access to more than 18,769,356 bitcoins in the market to write these lines, with a cap of 2,100,000 bitcoins

The possibility of some countries and governments stopping mining, and with it the possibility of losing your investment

How to mine bitcoin

How To Mine Bitcoin Bitcoin works as a peer-to-peer network, which is made up of a group of devices that work together to produce Bitcoin, and therefore everyone who uses Bitcoin is part of the Bitcoin bank, and manufacturers are more digital Currencies are called miners Certain bitcoin mining software, special software for solving math problems and issuing a certain number of bitcoins for trading.

There are several ways to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin cloud mining, Bitcoin mining on a specific device, and joining a Bitcoin mining pool.

Bitcoin cloud mining

Bitcoin Cloud Mining may be a mechanism for mining the encrypted currency Bitcoin, with rented computing power and while not the necessity to put in and operate associated hardware and software system directly. Cloud mining companies allow people to open an account and access Bitcoin remotely -Mining process, take part in basic costs and make mining available to more people all over the world, as this type of mining goes through the cloud, it reduces problems like equipment maintenance or energy costs.

Mining Bitcoin with a mining machine

ASICS ‘best bitcoin miners use application-specific integrated circuits, and these chips are specifically designed for bitcoin mining.

 Join a Bitcoin mining pool

Bitcoin mining pool

That means a lot of people share their computer equipment to become a gathering of miners to mine bitcoin and one point remains close to the bitcoin mining, the chances of your mining the block is very small, in a bitcoin mining pool, the mining pool provides a coordinator for the organization of the mining, they ensure that the miners use different values for each mineral so that they do not waste hashing power by creating the same blocks, there will be coordinators who also for the sharing of the reward and the  Payment of the subscriptions are responsible.

 Best Bitcoin Mining Sites

We are going to bring you the 3 best bitcoin mining sites


BTC.com could be a platform targeted at the analysis and development of blockchain merchandise and a digital system that aims to serve international developers and bitcoin, mining enthusiasts. With new standards in different sectors of the blockchain, BTC.com makes it easy for users to review information about the chain in real-time, and in 2016 BTC.com was created to assist mining customers of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


You can mine bitcoin through the site by opening an account on the site and owning your own bitcoin mining device, be it an ASIC, GPU, or FPGA device, money can be made from the site by extracting bitcoins through the Bitcoin mining process can be earned.


Bitcoin can be mined on the site, own hardware, open an account on the site, etc. And download the Poolin app without owning a bitcoin mining device.

Bitcoin miner

Bitcoin Mining Device In the electronic mining industry that has become accessible to everyone, you can run your own devices to put your device on a network service that analyzes the calculations and equations related to Bitcoin in exchange for receiving some of the Bitcoin, and we will see some components of the mining device

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